Established in 2008,Longtu Game has over 600 staffs and was established by a core team led by Mr.Yang Shenghui,a graduate of Tsinghua University.Headquartered in Beijing,with branches in Shenzhen,Tianjin,Seoul,and other territories,Longtu Game is dedicated to developing and operating online games.Now,it is one of leading game developers and publishers in China. Yulgang:Mobile,Tales of Cuties,MU:The Mighty,New Sword and Magic,POP LINE2,etc.are all highly claimed by players.


With globalization strategy and oversea horizon,Longtu Game has been relentlessly expanding worldwide market,promoting Chinese mobile games to the world.The distribution area has expanded to Hong Kong,Macao,Taiwan,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Japan,and other countries and regions.It also sets up a wholly-owned listed subsidiary in South Korea.Longtu Game is built upon a product concept that respects players,focusing on users’ experience,to build a healthy game ecosystem.At present,its business scope covers browser games,mobile games,animation,AI,educational programs,etc.,which has become a global ecological internet company with a rich variety of businesses and products.


Based on the philosophy of”Make it Perfect,Make it Global,Make it Diverse”,Longtu Game will keep innovating and make breakthrough to offer new excellent games to users,making itself a world leading entertainment brand.



pc蛋蛋app官 www.28fd5.com.cn Beijing Zhongqing Longtu Network Co.,Ltd was established.


Browser game QQ Immortals was released on Tencent Game Platform.


Longtu Game officially released its new LOGO,lightening the world map.

It successfully launched and operated mobile game Tales of Cuties,which got 8% share of Chinese mobile market that year.The game’s DAU reached 6 million,dominated the first place of App Store China for 6 months,and was claimed as a “phenomenal” global blockbuster hit,making a history in the mobile game industry.So far it has earned well over 200 million users,been under stable operation for 4 years,and still ranks in top 150 App Store.


Longtu Game acquired Korean listed company and renamed it as “Longtu Korea”;Longtu Game established a joint venture company with LINE,marching towards the worldwide gaming market.


Its original franchise New Sword and Magic was launched on both platforms,attracting over 600 thousand users on the first day,and raising a revenue over 10 millions in two days;WOW Chronicle,the mobile game authorized by its previous movie,rocketed to the top of App Store payment chart on the first day of its open beta.

Mobile game MU:The Mighty was successfully launched.reaching Top 3 on App Store Game within 48 hours.


Yulgang:Mobile,the first cartoon youth martial art MMORPG in China,was launched in Thailand and peaked IOS best-seller list.So far,it is still one of the top 3 games on the list.



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